Monday, September 19, 2016

Why Buy the Performance Guarantee?

“Why? Is it going to break?”  I answer this question each and every day, and it’s not a bad question.  It really isn’t a tough question to answer either.  In all reality, everything with moving parts or electronics is subject to wear and tear.  Sometimes this happens prematurely while other times products perform well until they are far too outdated to actually be useful - think non-digital televisions.   Manufacturers do offer “limited” guarantees of varying lengths, but mostly one year.  After that period you are on your own, for better or worse. 

For the most part the only protest I hear is that the cost of protection is too high.  But when you compare it to the average cost of an in home appliance repair which is as much as $237 and the average performance guarantee costs $179.  Compare this to buying an extended warranty for your next automobile purchase, the cost of which is anywhere from 12% to 14% of the purchase price of the vehicle; A cost of a performance guarantee for an appliance however is 7.5% on average.  This is a product that is much like auto collision insurance, we hope it won’t need to be used.  It is peace of mind.  It is knowing that if there is a problem after the manufacturer’s warrantee expires that there will be no out of pocket expenses.  It is knowing that Contract Appliance will act as a concierge for your repair service experience.  It is knowing that one call solves it all.

Protecting your appliances is worth the investment.

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