Monday, November 28, 2016

Benefits of Slide-in Ranges

Slide-in ranges are easy to clean because the top overlaps the counter. This eliminates food and crumbs from dripping down the range sides like a free standing range does.

These ranges have the controls on the front for easy access. This eliminates you from reaching over hot surfaces when changing the temperature settings like a free standing range does.

 Slide-in ranges sit on top of the counter and will give your kitchen a built-in look. Unlike the cost associated with custom cook tops and wall ovens, you can get a similar look without “Breaking the Bank”.

These types of ranges will showcase your kitchen's tile work. The main advantage is seeing your kitchen tile work without seeing a stove back like with a free standing range does.  

When switching from a free standing range to a slide-in there will be about a 2” space behind the range. You’ll have to install a piece of countertop or purchase a metal filler strip that will finish off the custom / built-in look.

Slide-in ranges are ideal for island peninsulas because
they create that built-in look and feel. They also create a great custom look when installed against the wall between cabinets. This will allow you to showcase your kitchen’s tile work.

It really comes down to the price and style that fits within your needs. If you are designing or remodeling a kitchen with custom tile work and backsplash, than a slide-in range is a great option.

Visit us at one of our locations if you are interested in learning more about the different types of ranges. We can help you find the one that fits your kitchen needs.

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