Friday, November 4, 2016

Enjoy Barista-style Coffee from Home

We love our coffee but don’t love the idea of always driving out to get it. So why not invest in a built-in coffee system and enjoy barista-style coffee from home?

These coffee systems “do it all” with fresh, filtered water, and most without the requirement of a waterline or any additional plumbing (they have water reservoirs that are easily refilled). And neither do you need a large kitchen layout to fit a built-in coffee maker because they only take up 24 inches of cabinet space.

“Do it all” is truly do-it-all. Some models offer up to 12 different cup sizes, various strength settings, and espresso, cappuccino, and latte options are also at your fingertips. They froth using built-in milk reservoirs with a hot water feature for tea. Whole bean or ground coffee doesn’t make any difference and may be housed along with utensils in concealed storage. Some models also have two reservoirs for different flavors or decaf at the push of a button.

And the best part? No more time spent cleaning out counter-top coffee makers’ clogged needles.  The built-in coffeemaker units are largely self-cleaning. Simply add your descaler and press “OK”.  A simple rinse cycle finishes the job!

Several top rated brand refrigerator offer built-in coffeemakers for around $2,400 with these features and more. Check out GE Cafe's refrigerator that has the built-in hot water dispenser. A single-family household with two coffee-drinking adults should recoup that in savings within just a year or two. 

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