Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Benefits to Duel Fuel Cooking In the Kitchen

Cooking to many is a chore and to others just part of the daily processes but for lots it’s an art of creating something for others to enjoy! Today we will focus on duel fuel ranges and how it’s the best of both electric cooking and gas cooking. Duel Fuel combines a gas cooktop with an electric oven. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of these great duel fuel ranges.


Cook top Control
Gas burners allow instant changes in heat while cooking because a flame doesn't need any time to warm up or cool down like electric burners.

DurabilityMetal grates on gas stove tops are sturdier and more durable than the electric range smooth tops. Smooth top surfaces are made of glass or ceramic, which entails more care in order to avoid scratching or cracking the surface. Metal grates will be able withstand heavy or rough-textured cookware and are dishwasher safe.

Cost EffectiveGas is generally cheaper form of cooking over using electric. Although the cost of your gas range is initially more expensive, paying less in utilities will save you money in the long run. These savings can especially add up if you cook substantially.

Cookware CompatibleIf you cook with a wok or other cookware with rounded bottoms, gas burners are a must. The flame from a gas burner will heat your pots more evenly, making them perfect for everyday cookware and unusually shaped cookware alike.


Gas ovens create heat in its cooking chamber from the use of gas burners, which ignite natural gas; electric ovens create heat by applying a current to specialized coils, known as heating elements. While chefs tend to favor gas ovens, as they produce visible flames that allow for more precise temperature control, electric ovens still offer several advantages.

Energy StarAccording to Energy Guide, ovens are the least energy-efficient cooking appliances, as oven walls end up absorbing the majority of the heat that ovens produce. In contrast, a typical electric oven can convert between 12 and 13 percent of the energy it consumes into heat for cooking.

More Even Cooking TemperaturesElectric ovens are better at creating even and more uniform internal cooking temperatures. Even cooking temperatures help eliminate the development of cold spots or hot spots in foods and also help to prevent burning. Unlike with the flames of a gas burner, which can be somewhat unpredictable, electric heating coils always release consistent amounts of heat. The use of convection cooking will help circulate heat and further help electric ovens cook foods evenly.

DryingSince gas ovens tend to produce a more moist heat within the unit, which keeps foods moist, electric ovens produce a dry heat. Although this dry heat may not be ideal for cooking cakes and other baked goods the use of convection cooking comes in to play, it can be beneficial for other culinary applications, such as drying fruits and dehydrating meats.

 If you are ready to learn more about duel fuel ranges please give us a call. One of our specialists can help you find the perfect duel fuel range for your home.

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