Monday, January 29, 2018

Simple Life Hacks to Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Day has come and gone- how’s your resolution going? Many of us bail on our New Year’s resolutions about two to four weeks into January, so don’t beat yourself up if you can count yourself among that group- you’re not alone!

However, it’s never too late to get your New Year’s resolution back on track and set your sights on achieving your goals for this year. Here are some handy tips for sticking to that resolution without any excuses!

Let’s Get Physical!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to shed some unwanted pounds or begin a new exercise regimen. Despite our best efforts, it’s not always easy to stick to our diet or to get to the gym. Try the following simple solutions to keep your health and fitness goals in check:

  • Keep healthy snacks, such as pistachios, instant oatmeal and granola bars, in your drawer at the office. This will help you minimize cravings for sugary, fatty alternatives from the vending machine.
  • On days when you can’t make it to the gym, crank up a playlist of your favorite tunes and dance around your bedroom while you’re getting ready for work. Not only will short bursts of activity raise your heart rate and burn calories, but you can start the day feeling invigorated!
  • Trying to drink more water? Every time you get up from your desk to go to the restroom, bring your water bottle along for a refill. Associating an already-established routine with the need to drink more water will help you form a healthy habit.

Find Your Inner Bookworm

If you’re among the people who want to read more books this year, you may be finding yourself wondering how you’re going to fit reading into your already jam-packed schedule! Fortunately we know a few tricks for staying well-read even when you’re pressed for time:

  • Download an audiobook version of your selected book from Audible or a similar app- you’ll be able to listen on the go! Double Resolution Bonus: You can listen to your audiobook at the gym while you work to achieve your fitness goals!
  • Join a book club- having friends to talk about the book with will motivate you to read more than you may have on your own. Not only that, but there’s wine!
  • Start small. You may be ambitious enough to want to tackle all the classic novels ever written, but why not start with a quick, easy read? Trying to take on a monster of a book right out of the gates can be daunting, and cause you to give up on your resolution

Just Say “OM”

If your New Year’s resolution to find inner peace through yoga or meditation has already gone from “Namaste” to “Nah, I’ma stay in bed,” you may need to fine-tune your plan to better suit your needs. After all, not everyone finds relaxation easy, and you may need to try a different type of yoga or an alternate form of stress management to help you accomplish your goals. Try these ideas for quick de-stressing on the go:

  • Bring your yoga mat to work, and do a few poses throughout the day at times of high stress. (Note: this will work better for people who have offices with doors!)
  • Find a class that combines yoga or other relaxation techniques with something you enjoy. Plenty of yoga instructors offer offbeat classes that may appeal to your quirky nature: for example- goat yoga? Totally a thing!

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions requires discipline and dedication, but don’t let it get you down if your first attempt falls flat. Do your best to keep your resolutions this year and you may uncover a happier, healthier you!

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