Friday, March 18, 2016

Should You Hire a Lawn Service?

Spring is upon us once again, and pretty soon the world will be an explosion of leaves, flowers and greenery. Unfortunately, flowers won’t be the only thing popping up everywhere: we’ll soon have to contend with weeds sprouting between the cracks of our sidewalks and on the sides of our driveways. If the thought of mowing, trimming and weed-whacking have got you down, you might want to consider hiring a lawn care service. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about outsourcing your landscaping needs.

Most lawn care services charge between $18-$25 per week for their services, which include mowing, trimming and weed removal. More specialized services such as aeration and yard cleanup will cost extra. This sounds like a lot of money unless you consider that a new lawnmower costs around $150 for a basic model, not to mention other lawn tools such as hedge trimmers, weed whackers and edging tools, which run between $50-100. Figure in gas, oil, repairs and maintenance and you’re looking at a bill of at least $50 per season. All things being relative, the benefits of paying for a lawn service may outweigh the initial output of money for all the lawn care tools, as well as the headache of finding a storage space for everything in the off-season.

If you love the outdoors and enjoy spending time tending your yard and garden, by all means continue mowing your own lawn. However, for many people with family and work commitments that take them away from the great outdoors, it can be a struggle to find the time to properly care for your lawn. When considering a lawn care service, be realistic about the number of hours you can put into your yardwork each season.

Have you ever mowed a lawn in your life? How are your edging skills? Do you know which things are weeds and which are plants? Does everything you water turn brown and die? If you’re not exactly Mr. Green Thumbs, you might be better off letting the pros handle your lawn. Not only will your house look more beautiful, but your HOA board will get off your back with their violations for having a dead lawn.

Which are you- Team DIY or Team Hire Somebody? Let us know in the comments.

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