Friday, October 7, 2016

Open-Burners vs. Sealed Burners

In a time where easy clean up and convenience is king, the far superior but ignored open-burner pro style range sits collecting dust in the corners of appliance showrooms. Were I a poet, I might have titled this “Ode to the Open-Burner”.  

It’s ironic. Those “pro-style” ranges with their fancy sealed burners are considered an upgrade and get all the love because most shoppers’ initial attraction to these ranges is centered on the look and the perceived fire power. After all, pro-style ranges emulate restaurant-quality ranges and those things can cook. One difference though? Restaurant quality ranges use open-burners.

It’s with an open-burner in the 22,000-25,000 BTU range that you’re going to replicate at home Carne Vino’s $110 seared steaks. The sealed burners fall far short of those figures. On average, they’re only pumping out 18,000-22,000 BTUs and you can get that kind of performance without spending the big-bucks.

Let’s talk performance some more. The open-burner also delivers that heat to where it’s needed most: the center of the pan. The heat then fans out and provides even cooking. The sealed burner’s flame does not come out of the center of the burner and has to instead cook from the outside, in. That means whatever is cooking on the pan’s perimeter; it’s at a different temperature than whatever is cooking in the center.

 But alas, most buyers end up just getting the look and the extra cooking space pro-style ranges offer (more burners). Besides, those sealed burners sure are easy to clean! 

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