Monday, February 6, 2017

Measure Before You Buy (Dishwasher)

Often when consumers purchase a dishwasher they assume they are all the same size.  For the most part this is a true assumption; there is however, one dimension that you must be careful of and a few other things to be aware of:

The Height
  • This is the dimension that snags up most people.  Always measure this and take it with you when making your purchase
  • Measure from the floor to the bottom of you counter top.
  • If your dishwasher sits down from the floor, and there a lip created by your flooring make sure to let your sales person know this because it can create problems.
    • Measure both from the lowest part of the recess and the top of the flooring to the bottom of you counter top.  This is two height measurements.

 The Width
  • You should have either 24” for standard or 18” for compact

  • Not something you can measure without installing; for the most part depth is standard
  • Sometimes in rare occasion plumbing can create some issue if someone plumbed a line behind the unit.

 Counter Top
  • Make sure you know what your counter-tops are made of, this determines if you can have a standard install or if they will have to side mount (For granite, stone, concrete, etc..).

 Things to ask
  • Install costs can vary depending on were in the country you live.
  • Ask your sales person what to expect with install.
  • What parts will most likely be necessary.
    • Parts may vary depending on model, local code, and your specific situation.

The most important thing to have is your height and if you can take a picture with you in today’s modern world that can really help make sure there are no surprises in your purchase. 

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