Friday, October 6, 2017

Pros and Cons of Double Oven Ranges

One of the most popular trends in the appliance world today is the double oven range. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to the desire for cooking multiple dishes at separate temperatures. But, does the hype live up to its functionality? Let us look at several pro's and con's of this category of ranges.

1. Big oven with "quick use" secondary oven 

Most double oven ranges include one large cavity oven, with a capacity ranging from 3 cu. ft. to 5 cu. ft. This large oven is capable of handling large dishes such as roasts. Ranges with this size of oven also include what I call a "quick use" oven. The reason I have given it such a name, is because of its small size it allows you to cook everyday items quicker. The size of these secondary ovens range from 1 cu. ft. to 2.6 cu. ft. Don’t let the size scare you as they will accommodate most casserole dishes. 

2. Cook your whole meal at the same time!

With these dual ovens you now have the luxury of cooking all your items at the same time. When my lovely wife and I cooked (without our double oven, of course) our biggest complaint was having to wait for the lasagna to finish, before we could cook the rolls! With 4 boys screaming and fighting, being able to have the food ready 15 minutes earlier saved us a few headaches. Not to mention, our rolls came out amazing because we could cook them at a higher temperature.


1. Side effects may include the need to see a chiropractor!

One down side to the big lower oven is its proximity to the floor. With the secondary oven typically on top, the lower oven is forced lower to the ground. We have found that larger items, which are typically only in the bottom oven, are burdensome to pick up. By consequence you may be left with a few backaches! I recommend using proper lifting techniques with this style of oven (bend your knees).

2. Upper oven requires some getting used to. 

The upper oven is much smaller and closer to the heating elements inside the oven, therefore making the way it cooks very distinct compared with single oven ranges. We burnt the first half-dozen frozen pizzas as a result.  However, there is an easy fix by lowering your cooking time by about 10%. 

These are only a few pros and cons I have experienced firsthand with the double oven ranges. Manufactures have released many different options that may solve these issues. My best advice is to try before you buy, bring in your heavy dishes and play with the features. Best of luck!

Let us know if you have any follow-up questions about double oven ranges. Give us a call today!

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