Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Advantium Oven by GE Monogram

Celebrity Chef Mark Kalix is here today to show you the future of cooking with Advantium Ovens made by GE Monogram appliances.

This is a speed oven with 4 sources of heat to cook things quickly and accurately. It uses:

  • Standard Convection
  • Halogen Lamp
  • Ceramic Heat
  • Radiant Cooking Elements
There are already 175 + programmed recipes and cook times for different meats depending on the size and quantity that you have for perfect cooking times. The cooking technology allows you to cook food up to 8 times faster compared to a conventional oven. The halogen lamps are really nice in that they make sure the top of the food has that perfect brown crisp look and taste.  There is no preheating required for cooking with Advantium ovens and microwaves. With the rotation platform inside, it can even rotate your casserole dish inside for even levels of cooling with convection technology too.

Stop by one of our locations to check it out for yourself. You will be amazed at how fast you can cook a big turkey and more!

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